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Chim-Tech is a full service chimney and masonry maintenance and repair company based in West Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Installing a memorial plaque Established in 1997 by successful masonry contractor Samuel B. Roberts, Chim-Tech was developed primarily to meet the needs of the demanding chimney service industry. Having an expansive background in masonry construction techniques, Mr. Roberts found that in addition to chimney's, there was a great need for a company to provide quality masonry and structural repair services here in the Upper Valley.

Since then, Chim-Tech has been a leading company in providing affordable, dependable and professional services to New Hampshire and Vermont residences as well as for municipalities, educational facilities and U.S. government agencies from coast to coast.

Chimney's are an important part of your home and should be maintained on a regular basis. Although extremely durable, masonry chimneys endure constant stress from high tempatures, thermal expansion, corrosive gases, and severe weather. These factors can cause minor cracks and deterioration that in time, become major and costly to repair. It's important include your homes chimney's in your regular maintenance schedule. Equally important is to have a trusted, reliable, and experienced chimney & masonry profesional provide you with sound advice and quality workmanship.

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We look forward to being "Your Chimney Professionals."